Radicalisation and The Talibans Of San Francisco

1/ Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris, 15-21 January 1998.
The Nouvel Observateur‘s reporter asked Brzezinski: “And neither do you regret having supported Islamic fundamentalism, which has given arms and advice to future terrorists?”

2/ Brzezinski responded: “What is more important in world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some agitated Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”

3/ The Brzezinski geopolitical strategy was clear: radicalise the muslims to fight against the Russians. Radicals are political INSTRUMENT serving a greater goal.
The unknown Osama bin Laden was presented in western media as a “freedom fighter”. (The Independent, 6/12/1993)

4/ According to psychotherapists, radicalisation takes place in 3 steps:
1. dis-identification (loss of a fragile identity)
2. conversion
4. re-identification (radical new identity)

5/ Radicalisation = crush of a fragile identity, loss of (pro)social common identity.

6/ The Brzezinski scheme was mainstream until very recently.
If the bombs dropped by Bush administration didn’t manage to radicalise enough muslims, the task was accomplished by Fox News (in US) & CNN (globally) constantly bombing the airwaves with anti-muslim paranoia.

7/ Remember this video? It was one of the first youtube virals making fun of ridiculous CNN worldwide anti-muslim propaganda, all day, every day, with reporters “in the field”. This took place until very recently. (now in better video quality)

8/ Today, suddenly, CNN discovered that muslims are victims of islamophobia. The perpetrators discovered their victims. The agenda changed, and now they use their ex-victims against their new victims: white christians.

9/ By spreading shameless lies on race, slavery & distorting western history they try to crush the fragile identity of uneducated white christians (1st step of radicalisation).

10/ Next step is to “help” white radicals create ISIS-style of terrorist networks (see how Obama administration politically armed Muslim Brotherhood. Google had people in the field coordinating local radicalisation across the “Arab spring”.)

11/ The same exact network, CNN & Google, use the same techniques to radicalise the domestic US population. Mobilising the ex-“evil muslims” against the current “evil white christians”. The same naive viewers who fell for the first trap, are falling for the second.

12/ “Le Monde Diplomatique”, in its last cover, hosts an interesting headline “Les talibans de San Francisco” (The Talibans of San Fransisco) were it presents a shocking reality: the School commission of San Fransisco decided to tear down historical paintings… like Talibans.

13/ Another article, from the latest Le Monde Diplomatique on US higher education: “La gauche cannibale, un syndrome universitaire” (“The cannibal left, a university syndrome”)

14/ To make the long story short, the moral of the story comes from the official memoirs written by by David Rockefeller. In his own book, by his own words. The title is “Populist Paranoia” (page 405).
Please read it carefully.

15/ Another “war on terrorism”. It’s exactly that. By the same apparatus (including CNN) that orchestrated the previous one. Instead of “evil muslims” ( the “axis of evil”) the target is “evil white christians”.

16/ CNN-GOOGLE radicalisation apparatus. by a Google insider


Google (2)

Google, give me the most famous economists.

2/ Google, show me the most influential economists. well… the order just changed… Stiglitz & Krugman on top. Both winners of the Nobel prize.

3/ Google, show me Stiglitz books.
Making globalisation work (2006) The price of inequality (2012) So, inequality is the problem, to be solved with… globalisation.

4/ Google, show me Krugman books. “The Conscience of a Liberal: Reclaiming America from the Right” (2007)
Notes: The following year (2008) Krugman won the Nobel prize. In 2009 Obama also won the Nobel trophy (he reclaimed America from the right)

5/ More by Joseph Stiglitz: US will go down.
Joseph Stiglitz: U.S. Would Lose Its Vote At The U.N. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/05/25/economist_joseph_stiglitz_us_would_lose_its_vote_at_the_un_if_trump_budget_were_implemented_trump_probably_doesnt_even_know.html

6/ Joseph Stiglitz: Key Role of UN in Global Financial Architecture
US hegemony should be replaced with UN!
“towards a new global financial and economic architecture delivered at the United Nations” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiJza5iJSVY

7/ Does Paul Krugman share similar views?
No borders. No economic sovereignty. The fall of American Empire.


On child abuse

What’s the most evil thing you can do to a child?
– sexually violate
– sexually violate on camera (child pornography)
– sexually violate on camera + distribute the material

– ask them “are you sure you’re a boy or girl?” and f*ck up w/ their psychology for decades

2/ While atheism & progressivism dominate education & public sphere:
– child pornography arrests increased 2500 % in a decade.
– 2/3 of sex offenders in US state prisons committed offenses against children
– child molesters become heroes of the left

3/ National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports: “at least 100,000 American children a year are victimized through child sexual exploitation.” More children than the number of people who die from car accidents & illegal drugs COMBINED.

4/ Paideia (Παιδεία) the most sacred greek word for MORAL & CIVIL EDUCATION. It is – and should be – focused on one thing: child (παιδί, paidi).

5/ @nntaleb raised the issue of child exploitation by liberals. In a discussion, back then, I expressed my skepticism against the term pedophrasty (pedo + phrasis). In linguistics “talking about children” should NOT have by itself a negative connotation.

6/ Lets agree that Pedophrasty is “exploiting the suffering of children in public narrative” & OPPOSITE of Paideia “the art of moral & civil education [of children]”. Lets agree that CHILDREN and their future is the MOST SIGNIFICANT DISCUSSION for a civil society.

7/ RAINN (the US nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization) reports “the prevalence of child sexual abuse is often not reported.” estimating that out of every 100 sexual assaults, only 31 are reported to police. If you have the stomach, take a look at the numbers:

8/ The 3 elements of child abuse:
1. extensive use of SOCIAL MEDIA
2. SLIPPERY SLOPE to younger & younger victims
3. average serial child molester will have as many as 400 victims!

9/ Liberals: traditional family is a form of suppression by the patriarchy
Research: Solid family structure is the most important protector against child abuse. Children who live w/ a single parent that has a live-in partner are at the highest risk (Sedlack, et. al., 2010)

10/ How do media report on the issue? In the first page of google News for “pedophilia”, the top articles have an attitude for “understanding” the “suffering” of pedophiles who are stigmatised.

11/ How does Wiki dictionary reports on the issue? “Many psychologists recommend against using the term pedophilia …”

12/ How do prominent scientists report on the issue? Richard Dawkins Defends ‘Mild’ Pedophilia, Again and Again

13/ How does the future look like? In UK, the pedophilia problem is so bad that the police announced, this year, they would no longer be charging pedophiles whose only crime is child pornography. They would instead be sent to rehabilitation.

14/ The game remains the same: Rome vs. Byz. Theodosius was named as “the Great” by Byzantines, and “fanatic” by modern illiterates. Christian moral code & family values prevailed because Theodosius “cleaned up” the ancient Roman world. We slide back to pre-Theodosius era.

15/ Herodotus, considered as the Father of History, condemns pederasty & self-criticises this culture. Plato’s writings devalue & condemn sexual intercourse with boys. That’s partly why Christians adopted Greek philosophy, in times of Roman degeneration & greek illiteracy.

16/ Extra Note: Pederasty is prominent in hedonistic cultures. Parading hedonistic/sensual vices were always part of the tyranny scheme. This is how Aristotle would evaluate the modern banking-sponsored LGBT parades. A tyrant “parades his [sexual] vices” (Politics, book 5)


Big Pharma and censorship

So what is “Big Pharma”? Let’s google. It’s a set of conspiracy theories which claim “that the medical establishment […] operate for sinister purposes and against the public good”. It’s a conspiracy!

Do you criticise the ridiculous US medical costs? you’re a BigPharmaphobe.

The Rational Wiki, edited by the skeptics & atheists presents Big Pharma in the category of “Conspiracy” claiming “the overwhelming majority of criticism comes from non-scientific bases”. You see, BMJ doesn’t criticise Big Pharma.