On “Macedonia” (2)

Things are not so complicated.
– Tsipras typical marxist agent for Germany (see Lenin)
– He signs a treaty with pseudoscientific claims: e.g. Macedonian language doesn’t exist in linguistics, it’s Bulgarian.
– 70% Greeks disagree. Ask for REFERENDUM. Gassed by Tsipras’ regime.

Imagine if nationalists in US claimed “we are Parisians speaking the Parisian language”. 1st they aren’t in Paris, 2nd they speak English, 3d NOT such thing as “Parisian”, it’s French. Similarly the Greeks say “you’re Albanians/Bulgarians crazy nationalists, you speak Bulgarian”.

The irony is this. The majority of Greeks disagree and are labeled as “white nationalists”, while the same media support the ACTUAL white supremacists of “Macedonia”, w/ pseudo-historical claims & grandiose national rhetoric similar to Hitler Aryan race.

As I’ve already shown in previous thread, George Soros is not hiding his excitement for the “Macedonian” nation. In his NYT article he promotes the map for the “United Macedonia” ultranationalist project to exploit Greek history & N. Greek territory.

Macedonia is a region “bought by Soros” writes Helene Ahrweiler, Principal of Sorbonne, Paris.

It’s also a strong investment by Germany. 1) download “Soros leaks” to see how Open Society Foundation lobbied Merkel. 2) Lenin was FINANCED by Germany to deceive the Russians in favour of Germany. Tsipras with same marxist BS deceived the Greeks.

1944, the US Secretary of State under President Roosevelt made a clear evaluation about the “Macedonian” issue.

Today Nimetz, the Representative of UN openly warned (threatened?) Greece for “negative consequences” if refuse to sign the treaty. He used “Google translate” as scientific argument that “Macedonian” is a distinct language. Well… you can take the quiz:


My theory is this: nobody won a battle against Alexander. It’s more probable for nato & europe to go down than to survive by stealing the memory of Macedonia. Nobody dared this level of Hubris, not even Hitler, without nemesis hitting the door.


“Macedonia” problem is part of a bigger problem

1/ This is written by the infamous JAVIER SOLANA, Secretary-General of NATO & EU Representative for Foreign and Security Policy. He claims “no conflict is unsolvable when diplomatic creativity […]”.

A Tsipras agreement against the 70%+ of greeks is “diplomatic creativity”.

2/ Soros named his son Alexander, and gave him “Macedonia” as a gift. “Project Syndicate” is a fitting name. A mafia syndicate, a CIA/EU/NATO cartel showing off their teeth, their ability to “change history” & our intellectuals (highly educated illiterates) don’t get it.

3 / My take is this: in the end nobody can hide from history. Communism & Nazism were just phases. Claiming themselves to have the eternal glory of Truth, breaking traditional values & historical truth. Seemingly invincible powers were kneeled down by their own incapacities.

4/ When the US foreign policy of Donald Trump goes against 70% of Greeks (polls on Macedonia) & finances the “Macedonia language” propaganda (FBI agents protecting Tsipras) for instrumental reasons (NATO bases, control of N. Greece) this is a SYMPTOM of malignant disease.

5/ We can label this “political disorder” with various names or phrases:

6/ The spirit of this “New World (dis)Order” may superficially take the form of “nationalism” or “globalism” but it accepts the basic marxist premises & terminology:
– capital over higher values
– materialism over wisdom
– money over honour
– instrumental dialectic over truth.

7/ This “disorder” expresses a general LACK OF RESPECT for the TRUTH. And it has plenty of different symptoms:
– There is a reason why the founder of Linux stepped down.
– There is a reason why founder of Python stepped down.
– There is a reason why Google becomes a cult.

8/ There is a reason why Jordan Peterson has a free pass to lecture on the topic of religion & christianity, claiming the exact OPPOSITE of what Jesus said and only a few noticing.

9/ There is a reason why you can say “Byzantine was Rome” in english, and get away with it.

10/ There is a reason why Yuval Noah Harari & Steven Pinker, the Dumb & Dumber of intellectualism, managed to become “philosophers”. There is a reason why “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” has 5,040 customer reviews. As one reader wrote, it’s “Fun, Enjoyable Easy Read”.

11/ Appropriating the legacy of Alexander the Great is part of the same disorder. But it’s going against gravity. You can buy politicians to change the “laws of gravity” for your own benefit, but in the end you’ll break your neck. There ARE natural laws / truths.

12/ Μore than 140 fake news websites run out of N. Macedonia. A center for Psychological Operations. I warn my friends from day #1: Soros & Trump play the same game in the region. Fake “Macedonia” survives only by selling its soul to the highest bidder.


On Georges Soros and Macedonia

Helene Ahrweiler is a prof of history, the first woman to become Principal in the 700-year history of Sorbonne, Paris. In her book Μια ζωή χωρίς άλλοθι (A life without an alibi) she mentioned #Macedonia as a project of George Soros. It is a region “bought by Soros” she writes.

It’s not a secret that George Soros financed NGOs & politicians related to the “Macedonian” cause. On his twitter account, he literally celebrates. Nothing secret here. He openly uses power & influence to change the narrative of Greek History & destabilise northern greek borders.

Now take a closer look on the map that Soros shows on twitter & his NYT article. It’s a map of the SuperNational dream of the “Great Macedonia”, a project of the “Macedonian nation” to take over N. Greece. #Macedonia is a linguistic scam made by marxists, taken over by Soros.

Apparently I missed a clue today. Kudos to @promulgatus A tearful article of #Macedonia propaganda circulated today by a lecturer of Westminster Uni, founded by George Cayley. It’s not only the website promoting Soros. Guess who is donating to the Uni?

So, there is a “Macedonia Human Rights Movement”. The Soros boys found the gift that keeps on giving: Human Rights. It’s a matter of Human Rights the freedom to steal, scam, manipulate & lie. Take a look at the MHRMI logo. Again, the same Soros map including Northern Greece.

Tsipras’ gvment body promoted 90 individuals from 2015 (ministers, deputy-ministers etc.) 50 of whom come directly from Communist Parties. Among the rest, 22 w/ similar background. Source The non-Greek Macedonia is a traditional communist indoctrination.

So in Greece the hardcore Communist Party has indoctrinated prominent members of the Conservatives! And journalists / editors in the most widespread CONSERVATIVE journal!