The demographics of freedom and slavery

1/ A graph of historical significance, when US is sleepwalking towards losing its fundamental constitutional freedoms.

2/ Demographics of ancient Athens, at the point where democracy was coming to an end. Easy naturalisations & illegal enrolments. The “sons of slaves” took over democracy.
Source: The Greek City and its Institutions, G. Glotz, 2010 p358

3/ Demographics in Rome.
In 376, barbarians forced to leave their territories (Eastern Europe), pushed by the Huns, “a race savage beyond all parallel.” (Marcellinus) (Huns like modern ISIS)
IMMIGRATION CRICIS → Rome accepted + protected barbarians (system of hospitalitas)

4/ Rome did NOT fall because it was attacked by the OUTSIDE. Rome fall because INSIDE barbarians enjoyed imperial protection (hospitalitas) and demanded FULL INDEPENDENCE.
In 418 AC – Hospitalitas + Federation (European Union of Barbarians)
In 476 AC – Fall of Rome

60 years


Black Slavery (2)

We have to withstand a rain of BS from all directions. Christian “orthodoxism” is criticised as being against liberal democracy. Why did the British in the 19th c. called greek orthodox as radical monks?Because they were preaching on liberation!

Slavery was definitively abolished
– 1848 in French colonies
– 1865 in US

– 1822 in Greece (40 years before Lincoln!) slavery was definitively abolished, inspired by “radical orthodox monks”. Greek revolution (Orlov revolt, 1770) started BEFORE the French.

It reminds me of all the skeptic academics saying Jesuits are Catholic dogmatics against science (!). That’s’s not a rain, it’s a storm of BS. You can’t find more scientifically inclined religious group than the Jesuits. This is their “strong card” not the weak one.